Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy – What is the best treatment?

  • June 10, 2015
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Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy – What is the best treatment? - HRT San Antonio

Many of my patients here in San Antonio visit me as a gynecologist and ask why I chose BioTE as my preferred hormone replacement therapy. As someone who aspires to provide the best gynecologic care here in town, I aimed to find the best hormone therapy available.

BioTE not only advertises its pre-eminence but it fulfills all of the requirements to be a truly strong hormonal therapy. First, BioTE is a local Texas corporation that has strong roots in Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio. This local network makes the company very responsive to any issues or feedback from local practitioners, such as myself. Second, BioTE allows the physician to tailor the treatment to the patient including a mandatory hormone check prior to initiating treatment. Third, only bio-identical hormones are used. Though there has been little research differentiating plant, animal, and bio-identical hormones, it seems logical that the intervention which is least foreign to your body is likely retained. Fourth, the implantation of a pellet allows patients to avoid onerous regimens of creams or daily pills. Finally, my patients’ stellar endorsements have established BioTE as the right option for my practice.

Please read more about BioTE in my office in my brochure posted on my website @

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