How to stay educated about women’s health and hormone therapy?

  • May 8, 2018
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How to stay educated about women’s health and hormone therapy? - HRT San Antonio

A century ago, the average American woman’s life span was about 50 years due to innumerable dangers and diseases. Most women didn’t live long enough to be concerned about menopause or women’s health changes that occur with age. Today, average life expectancy for American women is about 81 years of age, and that number is continuing to rise due to improved quality of life, science and technological advancements (like the use of bioidentical hormones or hormone pellets for hormone therapy), and research dedicated to women’s health and wellness. In order to continue bettering the lives and health of women, it is essential that women take charge of their bodies and take time to educate themselves about how they can stay fit and healthy in ways that fit their needs and lifestyle.

One of the most difficult tasks for each of us is to stay informed about women’s health, especially when it pertains to the aging woman, where topics such as menopause and perimenopause, osteoporosis, and hormonal changes go unnoticed or avoided. In addition, many of us struggle to find the time to read the newspaper or follow medical news due to busy personal and professional lives. To help my patients and to keep myself informed, I strive to identify top women’s health and hormone therapy headlines in the news each month. I recommend that my patient’s follow these stories on my blog and look for highlighted stories on my social media accounts. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay current with women’s health tips and developments in women’s healthcare!

With such busy lives that often dictate our everyday plans and goals, how should you find time to “read” the important articles I have posted on my website and social media? I encourage you to first skim the headlines, determine which stories are of interest or relevance to you, and then read the story. Most medical educators call this skill “critical reading,” which helps you control the amount of time it takes to stay informed and trains your brain to pick up the important information and details from your reading.

I also encourage my patients to keep in touch with me if they have questions! I am a female gynecologist in San Antonio; that means that I understand, and can oftentimes relate, to some of the issues or concerns that you may have throughout your life. I want my patients to know that my care doesn’t end with their well-woman exam or when they’ve completed the hormone therapy. You can communicate with me whenever you have questions or have something troubling you and you are unsure about the next step you should take to address the concern. This way, you are staying informed and practicing proactive and preventative care for yourself and your body.

Please email me at if you have questions regarding any women’s health news stories. Patients can also respond to stories using the comment function below the blog pos. Please feel free to do so, as it encourages a healthy dialogue between  patients and their women’s health specialist.

I hope that you enjoy reading the latest updates related to women’s health, menopause, and hormone therapy!

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