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Let Dr. Bhatia guide you through the process of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Bhatia is a longstanding female OBGYN whose clinic offers Bio-Identical Replacement Therapy for men and women through the use of BioTE pellets. We are committed to incorporating innovative medical techniques and solutions to better serve our patients.

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Hormone Replacement Therapy

For years, women have coped with menopause through hormone replacement strategies that addressed the problem instead of the patient. Recently, hormone replacement therapy has been refined so that current therapies are tailored and delivered directly to the patient. Dr. Neera Bhatia is pleased to offer one such therapy, BioTE, that is at the forefront of this design process. BioTE is widely regarded as one of the superior bio-identical hormone replacement therapies available.

Dr. Bhatia’s mission statement includes a focus on incorporating innovations that further patient welfare into her practice. With this commitment in mind, Dr. Bhatia is the ideal physician to guide patients through the process of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Through nearly 35 years in practice, Dr. Bhatia has seen the approach to hormone replacement therapy develop. Now, there is a solution for patients that she fully endorses and promotes – BioTE pellets.

Briefly, bio-identical hormones are plant derived and biologically engineered to match the patient’s own hormones. These hormones represent the most recent advancement in hormone replacement therapy and represents a solution for both women and men.


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Experienced, Compassionate Care for Women by a Woman. Dr. Bhatia offers the knowledge, service, and products that ensure her patients enjoy a lifetime of health and wellness.
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