Hormone Replacement Therapy in San Antonio

  • June 27, 2013
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Hormone Replacement Therapy in San Antonio - HRT San Antonio

Hormone replacement therapy is constantly evolving – both in its composition and the understood benefits. Recent articles have demonstrated additional benefits to therapy, refined our understanding of indications for treatment, and established the prevalence of symptoms which lead women to seek treatment. Each of these subjects is covered in further detail in the articles that follow this posting.

My position on hormone replacement therapy also evolves as evidence better orients our understanding of which women can benefit from therapy. San Antonio has long been underserved in terms of hormone replacement innovation. Only recently have more sophisticated alternatives emerged that offer a better risk-benefit profile for patients. One such example, BioTE, appealed to me as an ideal treatment option for my patients.

BioTE couples individualized compounding with standard treatment guidelines to achieve a safe but potent hormone replacement strategy for women. The implantation of the treatment, in pellet form, enables a highly effective treatment even when administered in low doses. The treatment dosage is tailored to the patient and her symptoms.

I feel entirely confident in the quality and application of BioTE in my practice. Patients often ask, “is hormone replacement therapy for me?” Although formal recommendation guidelines help guide the decision, it is best to engage in a formal consultation with the physician. Personally, I ensure a complete history and physical examination and blood panels are completed in addition to a tailored discussion of the risks and benefits with each patient.

If you’re interested in hormone replacement therapy or want further references for background materials, email me or call my office.

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