A Better Summer With Hormone Replacement Therapy

  • April 18, 2022
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A Better Summer With Hormone Replacement Therapy - HRT San Antonio

With the high heat, summers in San Antonio can be tough. Adding menopause to that almost feels like a punishment. Menopause is an unavoidable part of life however, that doesn’t mean you have to live with the symptoms and disruptions that come with it. If you’re currently in menopause, you understand how difficult dealing with it can be. The good news is that you don’t have to live with these symptoms and let them control your life. With hormone replacement therapy, you can get back to feeling your old self and make this an enjoyable summer. 

When to Consider Hormone Therapy For Women

A good indicator of when it’s a good time to consider hormone replacement therapy is your menopause symptoms. For some women, the symptoms of menopause are not as severe as they are for others. For others, they are too much to deal with. 

Summers in Texas can be difficult for menopausal women as two of the symptoms are hot flashes and night sweats. The hot flashes can be mild but for most, they can make women feel like they are burning up. Then there are the night sweats that can ruin a good night’s sleep by waking you soaked in sweat. 

Hormone replacement therapy is also something to consider fatigue and brain fog have become intrusive on your day. Unexplained tiredness and difficulty concentrating are signs that your estrogen levels are dropping, which is also a symptom of menopause. 

Then, there are the more disruptive symptoms that can have a profound effect on our day-to-day life. Incontinence, constipation, a lack of interest in sex, and vaginal dryness are all unfortunate symptoms of menopause. These symptoms can take a toll on our personal lives and sometimes, even our mental health as they can be difficult to deal with. 

Fortunately, there is relief and you can find it here at our San Antonio hormone therapy clinic. With hormone replacement therapy, these symptoms will become manageable, getting you back to your life and feeling better for the summer.

Is Hormone Replacement Therapy For You

If you’re experiencing the symptoms of menopause and they are becoming difficult to live with, a trip to our San Antonio hormone therapy clinic might be what you need. The first thing our team of experts will do is conduct an assessment of your symptoms as well as run tests to determine your hormone levels.

From there, we’ll develop a hormone therapy for women treatment plan that is customized to your needs and monitor your progress. After four weeks, if you’re satisfied with the results, we’ll develop a long-term plan to help you continue to thrive through menopause and keep you feeling like yourself. We also offer hormone therapy for men to help with dropping testosterone levels and the symptoms of it.

To get started on the road towards feeling like yourself again, schedule your first appointment with Dr. Neera Bhatia and her expert staff at her hormone therapy clinic in San Antonio. Call today at 210.222.2694 and they’ll get you back to your life in no time!

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