How to stay educated – as a patient and physician?

  • June 5, 2015
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How to stay educated – as a patient and physician? - HRT San Antonio

One of the most difficult tasks for each of us is to stay informed, no matter the context. Many of us struggle to find the time to read the newspaper or follow the news with busy personal and professional lives. To help my patients and keep myself informed, I strive to identify top women’s health headlines in the news each month. I recommend that my patient’s follow these stories on my blog and look for highlighted stories on my Facebook page to stay current with healthcare developments.

How then should you “read” the ten most recent articles I have posted? I encourage patients to skim the headlines, determine which stories are of interest or relevance to you, and then read the story. Most medical educators refer to the skill as “critical reading,” whereby one can control the amount of time it takes to stay informed.

I also encourage my patients to email me at if they have questions regarding any news stories. Patients can also respond to each story using the comment function below the blog posting. Please feel free to do so, as it encourages a healthy dialogue for patients and physician to inform one another.

I hope that you enjoy the stories!

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