Can Hormone Replacement Therapy Assist With Weight Loss?

  • August 16, 2022
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Can Hormone Replacement Therapy Assist With Weight Loss? - HRT San Antonio

It seems that these days, there are more companies than ever offering a solution to quick and easy weight loss. The truth is it isn’t that simple. Sometimes weight loss can be prompted by a change in diet and lifestyle habits. For others, however, a hormone imbalance could be the culprit. As we age, one of the struggles faced by both men and women is weight gain. It can be a frustrating issue, but when nothing else has worked it might be time to look into having your hormones checked as well as hormone replacement therapy.

How Hormones Affect Weight Gain and Loss

There are certain hormones that, when low, can affect the body’s ability to build muscle and store fat. A common misconception is that testosterone is strictly a male hormone however, women do produce the hormone as well. As we age, testosterone levels in both men and women drop which includes a variety of symptoms. When testosterone is low, not only does it result in low energy but it also makes it harder for our bodies to build muscle, which makes it more difficult for our bodies to burn fat. Natural hormone therapy is designed to remedy low testosterone and restore the balance of your hormones.

Stress hormones are also notably linked to weight gain. When you face a tense or stressful situation, your body immediately starts producing stress hormones that act as messengers to protect you. While stress hormones give us a boost of energy and help to keep us alert, they also slow down our metabolism which increases our ability to store fat. A visit to Dr. Neera Bhatia’s San Antonio hormone therapy clinic can help you discover if stress hormones are the cause of your weight gain. 

When to Consider Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone imbalances are very common and are almost a natural part of life. Of those who suffer from symptoms typically associated with hormonal imbalance, nearly 80% of them are women and around 20% of them are men. While some may not be concerned with a few extra pounds, the issues with uncontrollable weight gain go deeper than aesthetics. 

Without hormone replacement therapy to manage weight gain caused by hormonal imbalance, postmenopausal women who have a body fat percentage of 35% or more are at a higher risk for obesity-related heart and diabetes risks. They can also suffer from insulin resistance which increases the risk of being diagnosed with diabetes.

If you’ve begun experiencing unusual and uncontrollable weight gain, a visit to our San Antonio hormone therapy clinic may have the answer. Here, we use bioidentical natural hormone therapy, a type of hormone replacement therapy that uses BioTE pellets that replicate your body’s normal hormonal levels and improve your overall health. 

With our bioidentical natural hormone therapy, the BioTE pellets used release bioidentical estrogen and testosterone into the bloodstream and are absorbed as needed. The hormone replacement therapy process is seamless, allowing you to get back to your life immediately.

As we age, we all go through changes however, these changes do not have to infringe on your daily life. When you’re ready to learn more about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and how it can benefit you, contact our San Antonio hormone therapy clinic at 210.222.2694 and schedule your consultation with Dr. Neera Bhatia today.

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